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    itna kareeb aa by Praneet Calvin
    Aseem Mohabbat an album of endless love songs about Jesus by Sam Christy Varghese, V J Traven, Niran K, Tiara Joseph, Regina Sherin Sam, Deepak Tiwari, Samuel John and Shashank Patel.
    Combine the premier choral conductor of our time; his select chamber choir, the Cambridge Singers; the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; and Handel's timeless Baroque masterpiece, and you have the ultimate mu--sical celebration for Christmas or Easter!
    Supermodel, fitness enthusiast and mother of five, KIM ALEXIS knows the value of being in shape. At the peak of her career, she dominated the modeling industry gracing more than 500 magazine covers. But Kim knows that there is more to life than just looking fit; you must exercise your soul as well. In the Integrity's Personal Trainer Series, she combines her knowledge of personal and spiritual fitness into an exercise regimen that covers it all.
    Jill Briscoe, a worldwide speaker, author and pastor’s wife shares powerful keys that will change the way you view ministry.
    The message: United We Stand - a declaration of unshakeable faith in Christ.
    Join the cast for an evening of wholesome entertainment the whole family will enjoy.
    Come along and see whether this Torchlighter completes his task before the king's men close in on him.
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