Hillsong present Open Heaven / River Wild . Also includes Bonus Songs - This is lving, Rule, Here Now, All I need is You.
    Sadhu Sundhar Singh by Phyllis Thompson - a new biography of the remarkable Indian holy man and disciples of Jesus Christ
    Writing with compassion and biblical clarity, Dr. Erwin Lutzer explains why we cannot afford to be silent on this issue
    Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English
    Luther and Calvin: Religious Revolutionaries
    The incredible account of a modern day apostle by T E Koshy narrates about how God led Bakht Singh to establish indigenous local churches patterned after New testament principles, while helped dispel the mis conception that christianity is a western religion and not relevant to the people of India.
    This book is a biography of the great reformer martin Luther and his journey as a theologian, reberl bible translator, preacher and prolific writer.
    This book is a biography of the missionary journey of Jim Elliot and how he died.
    Unquestionaly regarded as one of the leading christian figures of his generation, Billy Graham has remained as sought after in Washington D.C. as in Warsaw. His personal integrity and humility and most of all his simple yet profound delight in God's words continue to influence lives and win souls for Jesus. This book is a biography of Life of Billy Graham
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