Heroes of the Faith volume by Sam Wellman feature the biographies of great Christians through history. This book ‘William Carey: Father of Missions’ tells the inspiring story of a British missionary – William Carey. It is inspiring, easy to read and encourages reader of all ages and backgrounds. In fact,  ‘William Carey: Father of Missions’ is an ideal book for readers from junior high through adult and helpful for believers of any background.

William, The Father of Modern Missions was born in the rural village of Paulerspury, Northamptonshire to Edmund and Elizabeth Carey in the year 1761. Raised in the Church of English, he possessed a natural gift for language. It was at the age of 14, Carey started as an apprentice in a local cobbler’s shop. Through the influence of John Warr, another apprentice at the shop, Carey joined with Dissenters and formed a small Congregational Church in Hackleton. The young convert, though little educated, taught himself Greek. Following the death of his master Clarke Nichol, Carey took up shoemaking in nearby Hackleton. Later, he married Dorothy Plackett and the couple was soon blessed with a daughter. However, poverty struck the apprentice cobbler’s life and life became hard. But all the while, he continued his language studies by teaching himself Hebrew, Italian, Dutch and French. He also continued pursuing his interest in religious life of other cultures across the globe.

It was in 1792, William Carey organized a missionary society that preached a sermon with the call, "Expect great things from God; attempt great things for God!” .Within a year, Carey he sailed for India from England to spend his life winning souls for Christ. He even mastered the languages of India for preaching and translating the Bible. William Carey and his pundits translated the entire Bible into India's major languages: Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Hindi, Assamese, and Sanskrit. Not just the preaching, but he also contributed remarkable things in the social life of Indians, including the abolition of infanticide, sati and child marriage.  Heroes like William Carey are one in a million, as they have spent their life to spread the Word of God and attempted great things for His Lord and Savior. And the book has definitely succeeded in encouraging greater Christian commitment.