They say a “child needs his mother the most but he needs a father too”. The role of fathers is often consigned as a step down when the point of nurture comes. But the fact is if mother is known as heroes of child cultivating then father is the one who is responsible for child’s development and emotional wellbeing. Children depends on their father for emotional, spiritual, physical, financial and social wellbeing. For a son, is” like father, like son”, his father is a role model. From his father only he learns how to treat and respect women. His attitude towards women depends on his father’s perception towards women being. For a daughter, her father is her first ever love. She learns how to love and learns to believe in man. From her father’s love and perspective, she decides which kind of person she wants as his life partner, one of the biggest decision of her life.

The idea of father’s day celebration came up in 20th century as celebrating mother’s day was gaining its popularity following the promotion by Anna Jarvis. People wants to celebrate similar dedicated holidays for other family members. So the first option was undoubtedly the father’s day. The credit goes to Sonora Dodd. Father’s day was founded in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Dodd and it was first celebrated on 19th June,1910.

Thus to value all those incredible fathers, a celebration for their astounding contribution is must. The father’s day is celebrated all over Asia on 19th June. This gives us the opportunity to thanks our father for all their unconditional love and affection. These days’ children are taking their parents and love for granted especially for fathers. So celebrating father’s day will deliberate the important role their father is playing in their life.

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