Mom’s night out is directed by Andrew and Jon Erwin casting Sarah Drew in the leading role. It is made to inspire and entertain. The story is based on the incidents happening in the life of a normal homemaker and how she manages to come out from an impasse situation.

The story revolves around a mother who wants to take a break from her routine house chores and decides to go for a night out with her friends Izzy (Andrea Logan White) and Sondra (Patricia Heaton). While Izzy is a mother of toddler twins, Sondra is a mommy of a demanding teenage girl.

As the trio were leaving their house, the question arises as to who will take care about their children. They choose Sean, Allyson’s husband to take care of the kids. Allyson’s husband would rather play video games, and Izzy’s husband is actively afraid of their twins.

Somehow, the three women managed to go for a night out, but were unaware about the storms of troubles they are going to face soon. And the fun is, it is not because of them but because Sean’s sister has lost her baby; who was also going to loin their night out. Search for the infant takes the ladies to a tattoo parlor, where they discover a police chase involving a cab and a minivan, a run-in with a biker gang and, eventually, jail. In jail, there starts a series of problem-solving with a hint of laughter.

“Mom’s night out” is all about Church, where the ladies used to meet on regular basis, get to know each other well and socialize their children. We also get to hear a sermon sung by country star, Trace Adkins as a biker named Bones. He is the best part in the whole movie with his hulky frame and gravelly voice.

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