Online shopping has become a growing trend in the recent years and it shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. Not only shopping online is quick and easy, but it also ensures great convenience and comfort. From books to clothing and electronic appliances to automobiles, modern day consumers have started to purchase anything and everything online. Online Christian shopping in India is no exception, as there are a lot of Christian stores on the virtual platform that can offer you an amazing collection of products at competitive prices. But at the same time, chances are higher that you end up wasting money on things you really won’t need. Here is a look at the common online shopping mistakes that you need to avoid.

Mistake 1: Taking a chance with unknown retailers – When you shop at an e-store, it is crucial to check the reputation and service quality of the online seller. Go through their shipping, return and refund policies. Carry out detailed research in order to find the customer reviews and feedbacks related to the online Christian shopping store.

Mistake 2: Failing to look for promo code – Most of the online stores offer amazing discounts for buyers by offering promo codes. Subscribing to an e-store promotional offers and newsletters can prove beneficial. Added to that, there are several websites where you can find promo codes for popular retailers.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the security– Majority of the consumers opt paying for the purchase through credit card, debit card or net banking payment over cash on delivery. It means that you are about to share your credit card or other confidential financial data with the online stores. So, make sure that the website is secure and the information you send to it is encrypted. You may look for URLs that begin with https, padlock icon in address bar, security alerts and SSL certificate for ensuring a website is secure.

Mistake 4: Not checking the return policies – Though online stores offer great convenience, there might be situations where you might want to return an item. Buying Christian clothing is a case in point. Some retailers are extremely generous about the returns, while others create a hassle of it. Hence, go through the return policy of the online store before making a purchase.