Mercy Rule is a family movie based on husband and wife Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble. Although it is not a head -to -toes Christian movie but it gives an obvious message. If you have faith in God, then there are chances that you will like it. It is a family movie that can be watched with children without worrying about children getting bored.

The movie is about a crisis that ruptures the family of Kirk Cameron. The son of the family Cody, played by Jared Miller, has to learn team work. He lacks the spirit of team work.

The second one is of Kirk himself. He has a family business founded by his father and that has become an ash heap and cannot deal with the environmental regulations. To add to his bad fortune, his opposition is an environmental lawyer and activist named James Blaydon who is also willing to take over his business because of his knowledge of business regulations. The story revolves around the duo of father and son and how they come out from their struggles.

It is a simple movie about upholding our traits when an army of problems attacks us.

Kirk’s performance is awesome as usual. His ease in front of the camera and realness makes us believe that he is not acting. Jared Miller as Cody is absolutely fantastic and done a great job. Chelsea, Kirk’s wife is perfect and is a pleasure to watch. The role of his sister Bea (Nichole Neilson) and Bas Rutten (the baseball team’s coach) is also noteworthy.

While Mercy Rule is not a solely Christian movie, the principles and ethics are primarily taken from the Christianity and it can be depicted throughout the movie.

Overall, it’s worth watching, especially for kids. It is a family drama that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Buy movie DVD online today only from Praisecart only.

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