How To Win Over Worry authored by Dr. John Edmund Haggai is a classic best seller that have been published more than 2 million in print in 32 different languages. We are living in a fast-paced world, where worry, fear and anxiety are the constant factors of life. We take stress thinking about our career, family, relationships, commitments and future. But worrying too much can take away the joy and peace in our lives. It is the root cause of several broken relationships, dismantled homes and corporate failures. Sometimes, it gains control over mind leading to disasters such as substance abuse and suicide. All we can do is to learn to deal with distress, fear and anxiety. And that is where the book, How to Win Over Worry offers a helping hand to the suffering individuals. According to Dr. John Edmund Haggai there is only one simple method to win over worry and he points out it - “there are many solutions to worry. Of those solutions, there is only one that works – the one presented by God in the Bible.”

The books featuring real-life examples, revealing insights and honest evaluation can give the reader a great motivation to tackle any challenges they are about to face. When you believe in God and follow his principles, you are breaking the bonds of uncertainty and anxiety. Written in the most alluring manner, the book is truly an inspiration to anyone and everyone. Not only it makes you realize worry is one of the most devastating sins of all, but also helps you realize that God will look after us all the time. Through the book, How to Win Over Worry, Dr. Haggai has managed to send out a compelling message to the new generation of readers with biblical truths. Whether it is about increasing the financial security, dealing with crippling misery of guilt, maintaining serenity in the midst of trouble, improving family life or developing an optimistic living style, the book has biblical answers for all your problems.

Author of the book, Dr. John Edmund Haggai is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training, an institution that has trained a large number of Christian clergy and lay leaders working in almost all the non-Western countries of the world. He is also an evangelist, lecturer and internationally renowned author. The book is published by Authentic Books and is available in paperback edition.