If you wish to nurture spirituality, faith, hope and morality among your children, then you need to start teaching them right from the early ages. Giving them worship songs and making them sing to it is a wise method to instil beliefs about God in their mind. But choosing the right worship song for kid won’t be an easy task because of the overwhelming number of choices available. Added to that, it would be pretty hard to find a song that your kid will love. That is why we have compiled a list of factors that you need to consider when selecting worship music for your kids.

Simple words: You might love the songs with heavy words and meanings, but kids won’t be able to sing the song with too many words. Simple is always better. You can find several reputed Christian music companies and bands that have released several worship songs for kids. Rather than making random picks, you need to hear each song carefully before taking a final decision. Worship is all about expressing yourself to God and children can’t express unless they can comprehend the song lyrics and its meaning.

Relevant music: You need to choose the music that kids will love to listen. Songs that you and your family worshipped in your childhood won’t be appealing to the kids today. Trends change and you need to stay up to date with your kid’s music preferences and interests.

Songs that reflect your belief and church: If you are a believer of Word of Faith and prosperity Gospel, then go for Hillsong music for kids. Being an internationally renowned Christian rock group, Hillsong music is listened by millions of people around the world. Driven by creativity and excellence, this rock group have distinct gospel influences. Some of the Hillsong music for kids include Jesus Is My Superhero, Super Strong God, Supernatural, Tell the World, Follow You, Ultimate Kids Collection, Hillsong Kids Big Curriculum and Crazy Noise.

Seek kid’s opinion: Why not let your kid choose their favourite worship song? When shopping online or in-store, take your kid along with you so that they can pick and choose from the Christian music collections.