The book Discipleship authored by Peter Maiden portrays the personal and passionate devotion of a person to our Lord Jesus. Even though discipleship is a popular word, it is often misinterpreted and used vaguely. This book guides us through the essential topic of discipleship by sharing the personal struggles and experiences of the author. Building relationships that feature love, commitment and authenticity demands the wise use of time and money. Discipleship encourages its readers to make personal efforts to engage in prayer, follow Bible study, perform fasting, focus on spiritual disciplines and help each other as church communities.

Discipleship is about nurturing a bond with another Christian in order to help that person obey Jesus and grown in relationship with him. Thus, he can help others to do the same. Jesus taught his disciples to follow him and obey his commands so that they could they could lead others to do the same. When one believes he has played a key role in influencing the spiritual development of others, then it will transform the overall perspective of his life.

Discipleship should be the central aspect of our faith. In the book, Peter Maiden points that the call to discipleship is the call to relationship, a relationship that will gradually make us all that God intended us to be. Everyone was made for making a relationship with the Lord, but sin distanced us from God. But now Jesus has given us a new chance to connect with him. And discipleship is about working on that restored relationship.

Peter Maiden served as the director of Operation Mobilisation from 2003 to 2013. Living a life based on Biblical principles and placing the Lord in all things have helped him to build an everlasting relationship with the Savior. And that is why he has succeeded in illustrating a challenges and joy of living a life of discipleship. Discipleship is published by Authentic Media and is available in paperback editions.