Blessings All Mine with 10,000 Besides is a collection of daily devotionals that grows your faith in Jesus Christ and enables you to experience spiritual life in God. The book provides a daily encouragement for your walk with God as it points out specific blessings given to all believers when they trust Christ as Savior. Everyone can live a blessed life knowing that God goes with us through life, no matter what. The book takes its readers to a new level of spirituality with its life-changing messages and perspectives.

If you wish to refine or challenge your focus on the Lord, then Blessings All Mine with 10,000 Besides is the right book for you. In most cases, devotional materials lack in explaining the depth and multitude of a specific idea. But this book by Frederick Kosin L has managed to focus on a specific thought, present its related truth through a helpful teaching method. Inspirational, encouraging and uplifting daily devotionals remind yourself of God’s faithfulness and renew your faith when you need it the most. The background texts of this volume are extracted from twenty four books of the scriptures thereby guiding the readers to attain a divine providence. A consistent theme runs through the subject matter that explores a multitude of blessings and brings Christ into proper perspective as your source and center of behavior.

Author of the book Blessings All Mine with 10,000 Besides, Frederick L. Kosin is a bible teacher, conference speaker and missionary. And his spiritual thinking and missionary life have helped him in providing sound exegesis to the supporting texts of the book. Each devotional in this volume is blended with the right mix of illustrations and metaphors to attain clarity and ensure easy understanding. The book is published by ECS Ministries and is available in hardcover and Kindle Editions.