Bakht Singh of India - The Incredible Account of a Modern-Day Apostle authored by Dr. T.E Koshy gives you a glimpse into the life of a servant of God. Bakht Singh Chabra, also known as Brother Bakht Singh was born to religious Sikh parents in 1903, in Punjab, British India. However, the religious beliefs of Singh took a complete turn while he was a student in Canada. From an atheist, he got converted to a Christian. But the story doesn’t end here. He was abandoned by his parents as he refused to keep his conversion as secret from the society. Soon, Singh began preaching in the streets of Bombay and in no time he was leading the crowds to build indigenous local churches patterned after New Testament principles. Dr. T E Koshy has narrated the life tale of Bakth Singh in the most encouraging and appealing way.

The book is filled with examples of a life lived totally committed to God. Bakht Singh of India - The Incredible Account of a Modern-Day Apostle not only depicts how a God loved man can do extra ordinary things but also inspires the new generation about the miraculous works of Lord Saviour. Life journey of Bakht Singh dispels the misconception that Christianity is a Western religion and not relevant to the people of India. The book also features excerpts from the interviews with Singh, his siblings, friends and fellow associates. Dr. T E Koshy has managed to portray the vision and mission of God led Bakht Singh.

Author of the book Bakht Singh of India - The Incredible Account of a Modern-Day Apostle, Dr. T.E Koshy is a senior pastor, Bible teacher and church planter. He was the founding director of International Friendship Evangelism. In addition to that, Dr. Koshy also served as the evangelical chaplain at Syracuse University for more than forty years. His spiritual thinking and missionary life have helped him in depicting the life of Bakht Singh in the most encouraging way. He is also pastor-at-large for The Joshua Fund. Dr. Koshy is also one of the prominent personalities overseeing around six thousand evangelical congregations in India, Pakistan, Europe and Asia. The book is published by Authentic Books and is available in paperback edition.